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DIY Moving

DIY Moving

17Apr 2014

Whilst your preference maybe to do all the removals by yourself, or if you have no other choice due to financial restrains, a DIY move may be your only choice. You may not want to put all your worldly goods in the hands of complete strangers or you may be on a very tight budget,  you may not moving that far and do not need professional movers, either way by doing a DIY move can save hundreds of pounds. Firstly if you need to hire a van, it is a good idea to size up all your worldly belonging to indicate what size van you need, useless you want to make  endless trips which can very tiring and not to mention expensive due to the petrol prices.It is advisable to ring around for the best quote, some companies will let you rent a van on an hourly basis, so if you only have limited items to move, a hourly rate may  be the best way, but it may be a wiser decision to rent for the day, this will ensure that you can do the move at a more steady pace and a day rental can cover all inevitable situations such as traffic jams and any other unforeseen delays. If you have a vast amount to move then it will beneficial for you to hire a van over the weekend to ensure you are not under stress by a time limit and can take regular rest in-between moves. With a  DIY move,  you will be required to source all the packing material and do the packing yourself,  this can be done several weeks before your moving date, enabling you to have a good sort out of your home and prepack items that are going on the move.  After packing and sorting your home this will give a  good idea of what sized vehicle that you need to hire, this saving you both time and money. Ensure you have a hand truck or means of rolling your heavy furniture; this will ease the pressure and make removing larger heavy items easier.  You can rent such items from tool hire stores that can be found on the high street or by a quick internet search.When loading the vehicle, it is advisable to load the larger heavy items such as wardrobes, beds, settees  and your white goods on the base of the van whilst trying not to stack such items, the boxes can be arranged around your larger items ensuring a tighter more secure fit. It is a good idea to wrap mirrors and glasses in quilts or duvets whilst in transit and ensure they are security placed before moving, use old blankets to project your furniture’s material from being damaged in transit especially if other items are going to be place upon them. By packing your items in advance will ensure smooth and fast loading of your vehicle, your items may easily get damaged if just loaded onto the truck without being properly packed and boxed.It is advisable that when you are driving to take it slow and steady, you may not be used to driving such a large vehicle, due to the weight and the size of the vehicle give a few more moment when stooping has stopping times will take more time than stopping a car. It is also advisable to get someone to help you when reversing and also be aware that speed restrictions and limits will be lower for vans than driving a car.