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Monument Removal Van Hire for EC3 Removals


Moving Truck EC3If you are planning on conducting your house removals alone, or want to use a moving truck for some other purpose, you can do so very easily by speaking to Monument Removals on 020 3743 9082 and booking one of our EC3 removal vans. We have vehicles available on every single day of the year and our hire centre is open outside the usual 9-5 hours for the convenience of our customers. We can therefore offer you the moving vans you need whenever you need them and you don’t have to bring it back within a certain number of hours – long term rental is now available from our removal company.

Many other Monument removal companies are unable to offer the flexibility that we do, but we recognise that most customers aren’t the same and don’t have identical needs. You can book our moving trucks for longer periods to do absolutely anything you need to and there are no minimum restrictions on hire either! If you just need a van for a couple of hours, then feel free to call 020 3743 9082 and reserve yours and we can have it delivered over to you for the time that you need it, delivered right to your front door.

When you are hiring any Monument removal van, you will want something reliable and multi-functional. Our vans are extremely versatile and the space can be adapted and changed exactly as you like it, and you don’t have to worry at all about the reliability of our vehicles, which are regularly serviced and constantly monitored, as well as being reputable brands and fairly new at worst. You can also depend on our vehicles to be cleaned to a very high standard as our removal company ensures that customers won’t be hampered by excess levels of dust and dirt, which can really combine to create a bad removal experience for you. We have our vans cleaned on a regular basis and very thoroughly.

Relocation Van Hire EC3Monument Removals’s removal vans EC3 are equipped with ramps and trolleys to make it easier for you to get your belongings in and out without having to strain or pull muscles. Whilst we have no problem with customers wishing to go it alone when they are moving house, with the best will in the world experience tells us that back injuries can be caused very easily by mishandling during removals and they are very hard to cure quickly! We therefore take preventive steps by offering tools and aids for our customers to be able to make their transportation easy. Call 020 3743 9082 if you want to throw packing material into the mix as well as we have plenty of this in good supply for our customers to use.

Our removal vans are available in a range of shapes and sizes, and it really depends on what you need them for. You may be a company needing a replacement lorry, and if so, we have a number of extremely large lorries available for rental for long term or short term periods. Alternatively you might be a tenant or a student mover and won’t need a gigantic removal vehicle, but something that will accommodate some bags, boxes and perhaps some light furniture. We have plenty of smaller removal vans that can fit into most parking spaces but really do have ample room in the back – there are many different grades and our prices depend on the size and length of time you need them for. Call us on 020 3743 9082 if you want a free, no obligation quote for the price of our removal van rental.