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EC3 Movers For all Monument Removals


Commercial Mover EC3When Monument Removals’s movers are on the case, your removal experience is set to be a speedy and yet very organised and meticulous affair. Far too many removals involve haphazard removal companies with staff who lack common sense, and make errors that are not only highly avoidable, but very costly when companies and individuals are looking to move under a limited time frame. It always pays to put your faith in organised Monument movers and that is exactly what you will be doing if you ring 020 3743 9082 next time you are planning a move.

Our company’s Monument removals team are very highly trained and experienced and every bit as good at organising and planning a move as we are at carrying it out. If you would like to get a free quote for the cost of our terrific moving team, all you need to do is contact our customer sales number of 020 3743 9082 and we can quote you for free, with insurance thrown into the mix for all your belongings to be covered whilst being carried or transported by our removal team.

When you are moving in London, there are a whole host of things you have to get right – the timing is essential, the labelling of boxes and items critical, and the methods of lifting and stacking must be correct if you are thinking about moving anything expensive. Poor planning and silly decisions can cost you dear and that is where our removal staff make all the difference. For each and every house or office move we deal with a project manager is appointed to oversee proceedings and draw up moving checklists and plans, and we will always use a careful labelling system to help us keep track of all your items. If a particularly high level of organisation is necessary (e.g. for a corporate relocation) then we will happily come and meet you at your premises before the big day to take stock of what it is we are moving and work out a blueprint for the day itself.

Local Movers MonumentMonument Removals has the very best movers and with a quick call to 020 3743 9082 you could book us in for your next move, and benefit from our packing prowess as well as our fabulous organisation and physical abilities. Our EC3 movers go to great lengths to ensure that everything in your house or office is packed up in an organised and systemic fashion, so that you can find things easily when you unpack later, and we take particular care with fragile objects. Anything that is remotely likely to get cracked, chipped or shattered by unexpected movement in a removal van will be coated in bubble wrap, laid in a box with tissue paper around it, and insulated by padding and thick cardboard, which is why we have such low breakage rates when we deal with removals.

In EC3 moving house or office moving can often involve having to get a lot of very oversized furniture through elevators, up and down stairs and in and out of narrow doors and this isn’t always practical. Whilst we can usually use careful manoeuvring techniques with tables, sofas and even beds, sometimes it is necessary to move things in smaller pieces and our ability to dismantle items should not be overlooked.

To book your removal with our fantastic team of office and house movers, all you need to do is call us on 020 3743 9082 and we’ll give you all the details you need. We are one of the cheapest removal companies in London.